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Art of Scent

Jul 07, 2014

“Art of Scent” at Museum of Art and Design.

Materials selected and construction methods worked out for the wall recesses in the Museum of Art and Design’s “The Art of Scent” exhibition, from Nov. 20, 2012 through Feb. 24, 2013, designed by the architecture firm Diller, Scofidio + Renfro (The Highline, Lincoln Center renovation).


(gallery image courtesy of DS+R) 

art of scent2

The negative form was CNC-cut from three-pound EPS foam, which was fiberglassed to create a perfect, hard shell. FGR, a gypsum-based binder, and fiberglass were chosen for the twelve final forms. Because of FGR’s similarity to plaster, it was well-suited to blend into the wall surfaces without the seams cracking.