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Patek Philippe Watch Display

Nov 21, 2013



Watch display with overhead lighting

These table displays for the high-end Swiss watchmaker, whose new watches sell for as much as $1.2 million, were created for dinner parties to showcase product to known collectors around the world.

The final design was a mitered low-iron glass box with the Patek logo sandblasted in a pattern on the exterior.  It is internally lit with LED lights, dimable to adjust for the occasion. The glass box is pierced on its corners by a custom stainless X-lighting fixture to illuminate the watch faces. (The watches sit on stands on top of the glass.) Needing to incorporate lighting from a cordless power supply and having to last through five-hour events, the displays run on a rechargeable battery.  The illuminated glass riser incorporates a dimmer to accommodate different display environments.



Patek Philippe calatrava etched into low iron glass



  Dimmer and rechargeable power supply