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Retail Display:

Modern Craft works with our clients to develop a user/customer experience that fits their visual aesthetic, budget and time constraints. For more than a decade, owner Chris Spadazzi has developed well-considered environments for user interfaces and product displays for companies like Frye Boots, Calvin Klein and Patek Philippe. And being an experienced builder with a vast knowledge of materials and finishes, his projects are drafted to be fabricated and cost-effective.

Support for Visual Teams:

Modern Craft understands the many responsibilities, running deadlines and seasonal changes that a fashion visual team can face. From point-of-purchase and window displays to special events, we effectively collaborate and consult with visual teams on all of their 3-D projects. Modern Craft also supplies presentation-ready renderings of proposed fixtures, build-outs and store environments for our clients.

Furniture Design and Interior-Designer Services:

For interior designers looking to develop custom furniture pieces and architectural elements, Modern Craft will fill in the details, as well as recommend materials, construction methods and how and where to produce it. We also provide build drawings and presentation renderings of furniture pieces and environments; gather accurate site dimensions and conditions; and build 3-D digital models of the space to aid in the design process.

Consultation on Product/Production Design and Development:

Modern Craft believes that intelligently blending science and art through detailed design engineering results in a finished project of both beauty and functionality. The best solutions are simple ones, and those solutions are made by designers who know their processes and materials.

Modern Craft is well-versed in many processes: 3-D modeling and rendering, machining, finishing, anodizing, TIG welding, powder coating, cabinetry, joinery, carving, laser and water-jet cutting, wiring, iron casting, lighting and CNC routing. As well as materials: mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, bronze, fiberglass, epoxy, hard and exotic woods, stone, cast concrete, plastics, acrylics and ceramics.

With ten years of experience in the New York area, we have developed a broad range of relationships with local and regional craftspeople who produce fine woodwork, metalwork, glasswork and more.