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Surf-Pilates balance trainer for Bent Pilates

Jan 30, 2015

Balance trainer developed for Bent Pilates’ Surfilates class, created by Kim Kuznitz.

The design takes the various elements and props used in Kim’s program and combines them into a single functional package. A removable base elevates the board for prone paddle strength training exercises. Removed, the platform is situated closer to the ground for safer balance and pop-up exercises. Adjustable straps can be set to vary difficulty by limiting movement.

Because Kim sometimes takes her classes on location the trainer needed to be light, durable and compact. The base section can be inverted and attached to condense the trainer for storage and travel. Aesthetically, a construction of joined apple-ply should be right at home in a Pilates studio.


Surfilaties trainer shown in strength and balance training positions



Trainer shown with base inverted for storage/transport