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Terms and Conditions


Intellectual property:

  • Modern Craft Design retains intellectual ownership on all original work and may repurpose concepts at their discretion or after a previously agreed upon duration.
  • Provided output is typically in the form of design renderings, technical drawings, or CAD manufacturing files. Modern Craft retains sole ownership of native 3D CAD files unless specified as part of the project’s parameters.
  • Production or duplication of designs or concepts outside of the original specified project scope is subject to additional compensation or royalties.
  • Detailed proposals are provided for proof of competence only. Any use of concepts presented in design proposals or related consultation is subject to billing at the discretion of Modern Craft Design.



Design and Consultation:

  • Net 30 on 50% deposit, and net 30 on balance.

Production and Fabrication:

  • 50% advance deposit and balance on delivery. NY sales tax applies.